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Oak Gumball Vending Machines

Oak gumball machines we have for sale are the work horse bulk vending machine of the industry and are made in the USA. Oak Manufacturing Co. Inc has been in business since 1948 and have built a reliable reputation during this span of time. Most innovations in the gumball industry where developed by Oak manufacturing. There is not a better line of bulk vending equipment with greater value for your money than Oak vending machines. When you get a gumball machine with the Oak name on it, you know that it will provide a long and trouble free service life. They have a bulk vendor that can vend almost any small product including gumballs, candy, superballs, jawbreakers, toy capsules, nuts, stickers, tattoos and more. Oak vending machines feature all metal construction; except for the merchandise globe, and are available in many styles and product capacities to handle any vending need. These Oak gumball machines also make great inexpensive and appreciated gifts for anyone and make attractive additions to the family game room.

Get started in one of the best part-time businesses that an individual can participate in. The low cost of the Oak gumball machines and bulk vending in general makes the perfect activity for people who want the freedom of working from home. All it takes is an hour or two a week and you are in business. Expand as little or as much as you want. Set your own hours and times and start with as little as one machine. It is perfect for people wanting to supplement a fixed monthly income such as couples, single parents and retirees. It is also a great way for a high school or college student to pay their way through school. Bulk vending offers the best return on investment (ROI), low initial cost and almost no risk. These gumball machines are high quality, strong, durable and are almost maintenance free. Bulk vending can be done by almost anyone. Easy to operate, maintain and require no special skills. No overhead required, no office, warehouse or employees. Bulk vendors are self advertising, require minimal floor space and are easy to find potiential locations.

oak vista gumball vending machine The Oak Vista is a most versatile model and the least expensive machine for the long-haul. The Oak Vista is capable of having up to 3 extra capacity panels added to it, which increases its versatility. Its usage by large operators is overtaking other vendors, because of its price, versatility, and the fact that its design makes it the least vandalized bulk vender.

It features slide out plexi panels, all metal construction and a Fall-Thru coin mechanism that allows smaller coins and foreign objects to fall thru and prevent usage of the machine. It is able to vend all types of gum, candy, nuts, small capsules, and superballs. A simple, elegant and reliable vendor. Proudly made in the USA by Oak Manufacturing Co celebrating 60 years in the vending business.

Oak Vista Cabinet Vendor
Price $109.00 Call for quantity discounts.

used reconditioned oak vista gumball vending machine reconditioned oak vista bulk vending machine These used Oak Vista vending meachines are factory inspected and reconditioned to be working as new. Each has new red paint and any parts replaced that need it. You can buy with complete confidence that the equipment is in great working order, and ready to serve you for many years. Add $15.00 for 50 cent coin mechanism.
Used Factory Reconditioned Oak Vista Cabinet Vending Machine
Price $75.00

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